I was arrested once for - I was in college and I was back home in Western Massachusetts, and um I had a novel - I think I was reading Watership Down, a novel, and um, it was around midnight and I was looking for a good place to sit and read my novel and I saw that there was a little flood light in the parking lot of the bank. And a fire escape that went up to the roof of the bank. And so I thought, ‘well you know, that’s a perfect good place to go read after hours.’ So I climbed up onto the roof of the bank, and uh, and was reading my novel and about half an hour later floodlights came from adjacent buildings and a helicopter came over cause apparently there was a bank robbery in process or so they thought. And that was kind of difficult to explain my way out of. Like ‘Oh, no no no, officer you don’t understand.’ Oh, I actually was on the ground, my face in the ground, and handcuffs on and ‘Oh, no no no, I was just reading my novel.’ which doesn’t make sense. Like why do you go up onto the roof of a bank to read a novel a midnight.
  • Misha Collins (x)